CD Releases

The following are extracts of complete works that are available as CD Audio:

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Aquapump (waterpump)

The correct title for this piece, the second release on EMIT 1197, is "aquapump", which has an obvious resonance with "abha" - the first track released on EMIT 2296. Sadly the piece was always referred to as "waterpump" in Time Recording and the name stuck!

Recorded in Shining Cliff Woods, Ambergate, Derbyshire, May 29th 1996. The juxtaposition of the water pressure powered pump buried in the woodland undergrowth and the natural ambience was simply sublime. Includes some subtle improvisation on the loose concrete lid of the pump housing, which I stood on for part of the recording.

The above released work and this short featured extract are only a small part of a much longer environmental binaural recording made at this location. Further extracts will be featured on this site.